Monday, May 14, 2007

Voyagers Anniversary 07

A lovely day at Voyagers Anniversary Tourney at Cal-Tech in Pasadena.

Somebody's tired.

Lovely dags on the pavillion.

Blackwork cuffs for a shirt: parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme!

Eichling (in straw hat) chatting before the tourney.

William strikes a pose.

The Occasional Consort entertains the shire.

The whole troupe.

William and Sven(co de Mayo).

William and Sven wait to fight.

Two thirds of the lists at practice.

Practice fights.

Fighters doing what they do.

Eichling has him on his knees.

Eichling goes to her knees. Hazzah.


Sven and William square off.

William gets a leg shot.

Sven drives from his knees.

William goes down.

Sven & William.

Sven is victorious.

Tourney chit-chat.

Comfy little tourney.

Eichling off to fight; William stand ready.

Yarr! Eichling and Sven square off.

Eichling takes a leg; Sven goes to his knees.


Not quite!

Single sword.

William salutes his opponent.

His opponent goes to his knees.

William on his knees.
The batteries died before I could get around to the Arts & Sciences display, or the spinning corner. ;- j

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gknee said...

Great new blog & pictures! Next time bring exra batteries! ;- j
Tanks! gknee