Thursday, March 13, 2008

Viking Blue Dress

as seen on
I lightened it up so I could get a better view.

This looks remarkably like my Y1K coat, the green Viking coat I wove and Astra sewwed, only with a different fastening. I like this interpretation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will at Crown

Will at Crown, auspiciously Sept. 2001. A somber day to be sure.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Altavia Anniversary 07, Part 2

Eichling out of armor.

Looking at my woodblocks.

A really kewl tree.

Kinda like Brigadoon.

Veteran's Park is truly gorgeous.

More trees.

Spring color.

More forrest.

Such reach.

I missed the woman who was learning to rappel down from the trees.


Great light.

Our little pavillion from the rear.

The grass was full of clover -- and bees!

Pick-up fights.

Waaay across the eric.

Not many left.

Great sachel.

Sven and Kolfinna.

Just missed the kiss. ;-j

Kolfinna as Peter Pan?

Their Highnesses.

Notice the matching pants. ;-]

Taking a break on the field.

Actually waiting his turn.

Janet and Elric at home in their pavillion.

Not going anywhere for awhile?

Lyondemere Pavillion.

Won't anyone play anymore?

An interesting pavillion.

A closer view.

William has to quit for the day.

The finals.

It's a big eric.

This reminds me of Sarrat.

Under the arming tree.

The tourney's over.