Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Altavia Anniversary 07, Part 1

Once we finally chose a spot for our pavillion, we settled in for the day.

Eichling stops by to chat.

Across the eric: Altavia with the penants, Royals to the right.

A charming little gypsy.

The populace gathers for the basket auction.

Telephoto view across the eric.

More practice fights.

Is that William waaay across the eric?

The basket auction.

His Majesty in a casual moment.

A fine portable pavillion.

The rear view.

A pleasant little feast.

Hroar's pottery booth.

Some of his great period critter pitchers.

A closer view.

Persian wares.

A bookmaker hard at work.

The rapier field.

Lunch in the royal pavillion.

Therese of the White Griffin.

William and ___

They're really talking shop. ;-j

The long view.

Our pavillion across the eric.

William relaxing in the pavillion.

A little lady and her keeper cross the eric (there's a path).

William salutes me from the eric.

William's fight (telescopic view -- they're not really walking thru the fight).

Normal view.

Philippa working on a woodblock.

Hi there.

It's nicely portable.

Coming along.

It's a griffin from a medieval tile.

Flex-cut micro u-gouge.

More tools.

Kolfinna and Auggie.

And that's only half of it!

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